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Volunteers are the soul of our movement, and their stories never cease to inspire us. That is why we want to celebrate them here, and share different kinds of experiences to give others the motivation to volunteer for peace!

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    How is it possible, that one can gain so much knowledge in such a short time?

    Nikola, from Czech Republic

    EVS in Switzerland

    I was super anxious and super excited at the same time as I had never ever travelled alone in my life in such a different country as I come from a patriarchal society so this was a new leap for me.

    Alpana Bhadra, from India

    Seminar participant in Greece

    It is a place where everybody’s voice is heard and respected. We don’t have to pretend to be someone else, neither the giant of our dreams nor the dwarf of our fears.

    Eliane Preiswerk, from Switzerland

    Workcamp volunteer in Poland